August 20, 2014

Milton R. Young included in ‘North Dakota Energy Tour’

College professors from North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota recently toured Milton R. Young Station as part of an energy tour that also included a coal mine, an oil rig site, a refinery and a crew camp. Also joining the tour were administrators from Bismarck State College, Minot State College, the North Dakota State College of Science and the North Dakota University of System. The tour was co-hosted by the North Dakota Lignite Energy Council and the North Dakota Petroleum Council to give professors a first-hand look at the state’s two largest energy industries, coal and oil, as well as an opportunity to hear from people directly involved in both industries.
“Affordable, reliable energy is now front and center of policymakers both in the state and the nation’s capital,” said Jason Bohrer, president and CEO of the Lignite Energy Council. “It’s important that the people educating our young adults in college have a grasp of the issues and understand their implications in real terms.”


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