October 23, 2013

ND is all wet

North Dakota is in the midst of one of its wettest years, and that isn’t helping the corn harvest, officials said.
“Basically right now the ground is getting so soft that we can’t get the crops dried down. That’s the big issue,” Oliver County Extension Agent Rick Schmidt said.
The state has seen above normal rain, National Weather Service meteorologist Rich Kinney said. Oliver County averages less than an inch of rain for October, he said. But a late rain season has pushed precipitation measurements up to six inches for the month to date.
“We are well above normal,” he said. “Bismarck is up to 4.64 (inches) for the month. That’s 3.75 above normal.”
Bismarck recorded its fifth wettest year with 25.26 inches, according to NWS. The wettest year on record was in 1876 with 30.92 inches.
Farmers got into the field to plant late, said Darin Jantzi, statistician for the United States Department of Agriculture in Fargo.
“If you remember last year we got started in spring planting crops the earliest we ever have in the state,” he said. “The whole year was early. We got everything off really early.”


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