August 17, 2016

New game warden for Oliver, Mercer counties

By Kate Johnson
Only a year after graduating from the University of North Dakota, Kylor Johnston landed a job with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department as a game warden for Oliver and Mercer counties.
Game and Fish wasn’t something he originally thought he would be entering into, starting out his post-secondary education in mechanical engineering. After taking an internship as a mechanical engineer, Johnston knew that sitting behind a desk is not somewhere he wanted to be. Being an outdoorsman himself and having a love for wildlife, Johnston changed majors to fisheries and wildlife, from which he graduated in May 2015.
Being originally from northern Minnesota, Johnston said he enjoys living in North Dakota, and now Beulah.
“Most people in the area have the same interests and hobbies that I do,” said Johnston about his love for hunting and fishing.
After graduation, Johnston was hired by Game and Fish to work in the wildlife health lab. In September, he started as a game warden, and come the end of April he was offered the game warden position for Mercer and Oliver counties.
“You take a test, then a one-on-one interview which is 150 questions,” said Johnston, explaining the lengthy interview process. “If you pass that you have a panel interview with all the game wardens and the chief.”
He explained the questions are basic laws and Century Code.
“A lot of it is your personality,” Johnston adds. “You’re going to know [the laws] pretty well but to truly understand them, you spend pretty much a month,” Johnston said, “It’s not like black and white traffic law.”


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