June 15, 2016

New mayor, council members to inherit water damage woes

By Annette Tait
Mayor Sandy Olin and the current Center city council ended its year with familiar items on the agenda: facilities and utilities. While strides have been made in each area new challenges have also appeared, most notably water damage to the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center due to roof leaks.
Several areas on the east side of the civic center, most notably the racquetball court and a room used by Miller-Linn American Legion Post 90 to store uniforms and equipment, were significantly affected. Damage is evident to ceiling tiles and walls in both areas.
Olin noted that City Auditor Terrie Nehring contacted the insurance company and learned the city is not covered because the damage was due to a maintenance issue.
“The gutters need to be cleaned twice a year,” Olin stated, explaining the leaks were caused by heavy rainfall that backed up due to clogged drains.
River City Roofing and the city’s insurance company both recommended drilling another hole and adding another drain spout. River City is not willing to do the work, nor is another roofing company Nehring contacted, primarily due to the distance they would have to travel for what is considered a small job.
Council Member Dallas Morast inquired as to the chance of repeat occurrences if the drainage system stays as it is. The consensus was there is a high likelihood, particularly during heavy precipitation.
Nehring will continue researching solutions and potential contractors and report back at the next meeting.

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