June 21, 2017

New meter readers on City’s horizon

By Annette Tait
The City of Center’s current water meter reading equipment is not only outdated but, as of the fall, replacement readers will no longer be available for purchase.
City Auditor Terrie Nehring and Council Member Kevin Hoffman consulted with a service representative and were provided with a quote of roughly $14,100 to replace the current meter reading equipment. Nehring also provided a quote based on what cities similar in size to Center are doing, advising that the $178,000 cost is “overkill” for the City of Center.
Hoffman noted that the updated radio readers for the meters can turn meters on and off using the handhelds, as well as be used to test meters/systems for possible leaks. Hoffman suggested purchasing a few updated meters for use in trouble spots, with a plan to systematically replace meters over time.
“It was a sticker shock to me, too, at $14,000,” Hoffman said. “But, once he explained it to me, it makes sense.”


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