July 23, 2014

New year begins for CSPS board

By Annette Tait

Center-Stanton Public School District held its first school board meeting of the 2014-2015 academic year last week. With the election of Rick Schmidt to the unfinished Center representative position he was serving as an appointee, reelection of Cindy Berger as board president and Loren Henke as vice president, and board member portfolios essentially remaining the same, there were few noticeable changes as the board moves forward into the new year.
The majority of new business on the agenda was also business as usual, and included annual beginning of year actions such as official designations, meeting schedule and the preliminary budget and certificate of levy. CSPS Superintendent Curt Pierce explained that what appears to be a deficit of $248,000 in the preliminary budget is primarily due to the district reducing its budget to meet the state’s carryover policies.
“That amount is equal to the payoff amount of the energy saving projects Energy Services Group is working on this summer,” Pierce said. “And with the levy, the board approved to request the same dollars that were requested this year, so we will see no increase in taxes and a decrease in the mill levy.”
The board designated Security First Bank as the district’s financial institution, and The Center Republican and The Hazen Star as the official newspapers. The board will continue to meet on the second Thursday of each month, with exceptions to be published on the district website at www.center-stanton.k12.nd.us. The board also approved advertising for bids for coal, coal hauling, gas and diesel, with bids due to the business manager’s office by 4 p.m. Aug. 13.

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