September 18, 2008

Noon lunch schedule causes change

By Robyn Rohde
To eat then play or play then eat? That was the question posed to the Center School Board last Thursday during the September meeting.
During the administrative reports, Elementary School Principal Kathy Bullinger expressed her concerns about the new recess before lunch schedule that was implemented this term.
“Sometimes there was 10 minutes for the last group,” she said. “I’m just really concerned about how that is going to go once the weather gets colder.”
On the recommendation of the Wellness Committee, the Center-Stanton schools decided to try a switch from the previous schedule to move students into recess before lunch. The high school had been dismissed from class at 11:55 a.m. in past years, but now is dismissed at 12:06 p.m. So far the process has demonstrated some good results with a few snags. Bullinger discussed the issue with the board, wondering if they would support a transition back to the old system of lunch first if issues could not be worked out.
Wellness Committee member Janet Erhardt suggested the board to give the system a little more time. One of the dilemmas the teachers brought forward was that some children would not get enough time to eat after playing with their food and talking to their classmates.
“Normally (the students) want to get done eating so they can get out and play. We’ve seen some significant differences (with the new system),” Erhardt said.
Another possible problem to the recess first schedule was that with a belly full of lunch and worn out from running around the playground, some children are more tired when they relax and get back into the classroom. Superintendent Royal Lyson said he could see some students more energized after being outside and more ready to learn once they get back inside.

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