March 19, 2014

OCAS gets lift device demonstration

People come in all shapes and sizes. Children and small adults can, for the most part, be easily transported by ambulance service volunteers. But what happens when the patient is more than the crew can safely handle?
More than a dozen Oliver County Ambulance Service squad members watched a potential solution in action Monday evening as Bill Kolb, territory manager for Stryker EMS Equipment, demonstrated the Power-Load system. The system supports the cot while it’s lifted into or lowered out of an ambulance.
“It’s rated at 700 pounds, plus the weight of the cot,” Kolb told the squad before asking for a volunteer.
OCAS Medical Director Dr. Ben Roller stepped up to play the patient’s role on the cot. After being loaded into and unloaded from the Stryker demonstration vehicle, Roller said that there was “a nice sensation of power,” and that he hadn’t felt any concern while being lifted or lowered.


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