September 7, 2016

Old Glory again flying proudly over cemeteries

By Annette Tait
Cooperative efforts are what communities are made of. This was proven yet again by a joint project completed by St. Martin’s Catholic Church and members of Miller-Linn American Legion Post 90.
“In May, during Memorial Day, I told Harold [Wilkens] the flag hasn’t been at the cemetery for a while, and asked if he’d get a flag,” said Judy McNulty, St. Martin’s Catholic Church.
Wilkens went out to check on it and discovered the base of the flagpole – located between the Catholic and Center Community cemeteries -- was in bad shape. Wilkens contacted McNulty and, after looking at the options, the decision was made to replace the pole as well as the flag, and to also place a concrete pad by the flagpole for the eagle statue.
“The eagle was donated a while back -- it used to be on a stand but it was tipped over so many times, we decided to put it on a base instead,” McNulty said, noting the new pole has a light to properly illuminate the flag at night. “The Legion was kind enough to do all the work, which was really nice.”
Wilkens added that Post 90 was glad to be of service.
“Replacing the flagpole and flag fits well with our program to replace worn flags and keep the colors flying,” Wilkens said.
The new telescoping flagpole will also simplify making sure the flag it flies will always be in good shape. The old-style pulley system on the pole that was replaced could be challenging to work with.

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