April 15, 2015

School board approves added security cameras

By Annette Tait
Ongoing efforts to ensure student safety led the Center-Stanton Public School board to approve three additional cameras for the schools’ security system. An estimate was requested after blind spots in the current system were identified in the hallway near the Agriculture Education room, in the fifth-sixth grade hallway facing toward the glass doors, and in the kitchen. CSPS Superintendent Curt Pierce presented the board with an estimate for $2,160 to add three cameras to the existing system; the recommendation and estimate were unanimously approved. The system will still have capability for expansion should additional cameras be needed in the future.
Only one application was received for the upcoming school board election. Two seats will be open: one to represent Stanton and the other to represent Center, to fill the expired terms of Cindy Berger (Stanton) and Jim Wahlman (Center).
Cassandra DuMond, Stanton, completed and filed her application prior to the deadline. No applications were received for the Center position.
There is the potential for the Center seat to be filled by a write-in candidate. If no qualified write-in candidate accepts the position, the board will appoint a qualified individual.

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