January 24, 2018

Oliver County Extension office update

By Jarann Johnson
Oliver County’s extension office has been under danger for a while. Many Oliver County residents have been trying to make sure the smoke doesn’t turn into flames. Right now it looks like their efforts are paying off.
Oliver County’s extension office came under danger when North Dakota’s state legislature cut the NDSU Extension office budget. Oliver County Extension Agent Rick Schmidt said the question of efficiency started during those budgetary discussions.  
“The North Dakota Legislature cut NDSU’s Extension budget by $4.1 Million. They took the approach that they didn’t want to fire anybody because every position is essential or important to them to some degree. But from the legislature they asked the question – is extension effective and efficient enough and are there enough people in small counties to be effective and efficient,” Schmidt said.
“They wanted the NDSU Extension Leadership team to answer that question. So, they came up with the plan – maybe we cut the counties that don’t have a 2,000 population.

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