June 27, 2018

Oliver County family takes chance

By Jarann Johnson
Amanda Morrow and her mother Mariann Brandt like Paint horses. They stumbled on a Facebook page titled Bastrop Louisiana Kill Pen about 10 months ago and it has led to them rescuing two horses.
One of the rescue horses is a gelding named Lucky and the other is a mare named Faith. Lucky and Faith were in rough shape and headed to slaughter in Mexico or Canada before adoption. Many kill pens with Facebook pages have been in the news for getting horse lovers money but failing to deliver rescue horses.  
Mariann said what the process of adopting the horses was like.
“When you see them there’s a picture of them. Usually, they have 3-4 pictures and then if they are ride-able they have a guy riding them, they take a video of the person riding them. They price them per pound because that’s what they get for them if they go to Mexico,” Brandt said. “We have a tendency to like the paint and they were just so beautiful we had to rescue them.”
Morrow admitted she was worried about being scammed. She had friends and family trying to tell her to avoid the scam.


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