November 20, 2008

Oliver County food pantry gears up for upcoming holidays

It’s that time of year again, the holidays, and area food pantries, the Oliver County Food Pantry and the Gifts of Love project, are getting prepared.

The Oliver County Food Pantry is ready to offer families emergency food assistance year-round, not just during the holiday season, but Sally Jons, president of the Center based group, said that they get busier this time of year.

"The Oliver County Food Pantry is ready to help families in need during any emergency food need," said Jons, who has been with the pantry since 1991. "We get busy this time of year. Propane and fuel is high. The cost of living is just getting higher, but people still want to enjoy their holidays and have something for the kids."

Coupled with the increase in use is a probable drop in donations.

"I think the economic situation is going to hit us hard soon and donations will be going down," Jons said.

The pantry donates approximately 100 food baskets a year. Each basket contains 40 pounds of food per person in the family. Jons said that they usually stock up in the fall, anticipating increased use in the winter.

Food donations can be of a wide variety. Milk, bread, fruit, meat, potatoes and nonperishable items that are not outdated are accepted, as well as monetary contributions. No homemade food can be used. Perishables must be donated in company processed packages.

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