January 1, 2009

Oliver County gets early Christmas gift

It’s the last thing anyone wants to do, call an ambulance. But if you have to, you want it there fast and you want it to get to the hospital fast, and safely. This is assured with the acquisition of a new ambulance by the Oliver County Ambulance Squad arriving earlier than originally scheduled.

Coming from Wheeled Coach, a company in Florida, the new 2009 Chevy 4500 arrived in Center Nov. 29. It is a Type III, meaning it has a box shape rather than a van configuration.

This ambulance has several modern features that help the squad members better respond to emergencies according to Mickie McNulty-Eide, squad leader since 1995.

"The cab is arranged so that drivers have more room and the radio and other equipment is more accessible," McNulty-Eide said. "We always say the driver is the most important part of the crew because that’s who has to get you there safely."

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