October 23, 2008

Oliver County takes firm stand against drunk driving


Time after time, he’s read about it in the national and local newspapers and it saddens him. All too often he sees it come across his desk. And, he’s had enough.

Oliver County State’s Attorney Mike Liffrig has come forward to take a firm stand against drunk drivers. He has a strong message for offenders.

"It won’t be a cakewalk in Oliver County any longer," Liffrig said.

Liffrig has imposed new sentencing practices in Oliver County for DUI offences and he now recommends what he said is still an extremely light penalty: the maximum allowable penalty of 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. Liffrig said defense attorneys haven’t exactly taken well to the new Oliver County practices that he explained as an open plea.

"We can’t agree to a plea agreement so they will have to take their chances with the judge if they don’t agree with it," Liffrig said.

It was a combination of factors that pushed Liffrig to take such a strong stand. One factor was a federal Department of Health and Human Services report from last April that states 15 percent of adult drivers nationally reported driving under the influence of alcohol in the previous year.

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