December 18, 2013

Open campus a privilege

By April Baumgarten

Having an open campus is a privilege, not a right.
That’s what Center-Stanton Public Schools officials said Thursday during a board meeting in Center. The district will implement changes to keep more students at school over lunch hour, only allowing a few students to walk off campus.
“We have a fair amount of students that are abusing these privileges,” High School Principal Tracey Peterson said. “They feel like it is a right.”
The school has received several calls from residents and businesses concerning students driving around town during lunch. People have reported reckless driving, smoking and other illegal activity.
“Last year we had a kid run out here. The car was taking off,” Superintendent Curt Pierce said. “He ran to catch up to him. (The driver) didn’t stop. They opened the door and he was running along and jumped in as the car was going. Another kid jumped on the back of the trunk as it was going.”


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