January 7, 2015

Peace on the Prairie

By Annette Tait

Retreat center to relocate
on purchased land

Peace on the Prairie ministry is working to expand its Christian-based retreat services with the purchase of land near the rented property where it currently operates. Founder and President Keith Bohn and Board Member Dale Bauer recently appeared before the Oliver County Commission to discuss the ministry’s plans and the steps needed to bring its goals to fruition.
“We currently have three cabins and four camper spots,” Bohn told the commissioners, explaining that the ministry’s primary focus is on marriage enhancement. “We do mini conferences and date nights, and people can rent the cabins.”
The ministry also seeks to move its cabins to the new location, add camping spots and, at some point in the future, add a caretaker’s residence and a retreat center building to use for meetings and presentations.
“We will be doing a fundraiser and, depending on how much money is raised, plan to move the cabins and dig a pond, then bring in a modular or something for a facilitator, someone who’s going to be there to do maintenance and check people in and out,” Bohn said. “The third phase would be to build a retreat center. How quickly that will be done will depend on how fast the money’s raised.”
Bohn inquired about appropriate zoning for the property, and also asked commissioners about the county’s policies for adding access to the property from the roadway, as current access is along an easement. Bohn noted that a new access point would also be shared with a neighboring farmer to provide more direct access to his fields.
“We’re not here to ask you any special favors,” Bohn said, noting that he was appearing at the suggestion of County Land Use Administrator John Wicklund, and that the conversation was to provide an overview of the ministry and its plans for the future, as well as to assure the commission of the ministry’s non-profit status as a registered 501.3(c) organization.

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