February 4, 2015

Permit granted, new development pending

By Annette Tait
Peace on the Prairie Ministry President and Founder Keith Bohn took the next step toward opening the retreat in a new location by appearing before the planning and zoning commission Jan. 29. Bohn and Board Member Dale Bauer provided an overview of the retreat ministry’s plans, and provided aerial photographs and drawings for commission members to review.

Bohn provided similar information as had been presented to the county commissioners at the year-end commission meeting in December, covering ministry’s status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, its focus on relationship building, and the location of the land it has purchased.   
“We plan to run a bible camp at times, do men’s and women’s counseling, and marriage retreats,” Bohn said. “It will also be a place for pastoral and ministerial retreats, and planning sessions for church staff.”
Oliver County Land Use Administrator John Wicklund had a number of questions for Bohn and Bauer, including installation of approaches from the roadway, the organization’s intentions regarding installation of rural water, and its plans for a septic system. Bohn responded that an approach has been requested for the adjoining landowner’s property, as the landowner is entering through an easement along the ministry’s property. Rural water has already been installed, but a specific type of septic system has not been determined.
“That will be up to Custer Health,” Bohn said, noting that Custer Health does state inspections and permitting for septic systems.
Wicklund, commission members and Bohn had an extensive discussion about drainage on the property, and whether the property is part of a developed watershed due to the ministry’s plans to build a pond at some point in the future. Commission Chairman Dan Bueligen recommended Bohn contact the soil conservation service regarding the watershed question and also for advice on the pond; Bohn noted he is already working with the conservation service office.
Commission members were satisfied with the plans presented and Bohn’s responses to their questions, and granted Peace on the Prairie a conditional use permit.

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