July 9, 2014

Power structure safety conversation continues

By Annette Tait

Representatives from Minnkota Power and KLJ Engineering appeared before the Oliver County Commission at the July 3 meeting to report back on research into items discussed during the previous month’s meeting. During the June 5 meeting, commissioners had expressed their concerns about potential safety issues related to a series of five structures placed in the ditch along 23rd Street SW west of ND 25 across from the Yucca Cemetery.
Paul Mahlen, Minnkota Power, and Terry Fasteen and Jim Jackson, KLJ, presented what they had learned about options for reflective markings on the structures and potential road realignment.
Fasteen told commissioners that KLJ had researched options for reflective markings on the structures and obtained pricing.
“One of the strangest things we found out about reflective markings is that if we adhere anything to the poles, it voids the warranty for the structure,” Fasteen said. “KLJ is talking with the manufacturer regarding this.”
In the mean time, KLJ is looking into other options for installing reflectors and, with Minnkota Power, is investigating guardrail options. However, the speed limit on 23rd Street SW is presenting a challenge regarding potential guardrail systems.


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