February 12, 2009

'Reading is Sweet' as Center celebrates reading

By Tim Erhardt

You’ve heard of getting a "sweet deal." At the Center-Stanton Library, Milissa Meckle had a sweet deal for students. She organized a "Reading with a Buddy Day," held Feb. 5 as part of activities she and classroom teachers planned to commemorate February as Reading Month.

Senior high students, freshmen through seniors, went to the library during their English classes and were paired with kindergarten through sixth-grade students, who brought their favorite books. The students read together and did writing and drawing activities.

There’s always a test, right? But today the elementary students got to take tests with a high school buddy.

The tests are on computers which contain the Accelerated Reader program. They check students’ understanding of the books they read and award points.

"This is a cooperative time for the older students to model for the younger kids," Meckle said. "It’s especially important for emerging readers to show they comprehend their books by taking the (Accelerated Reading) tests."

The tests award points to readers. If they reach the individual goals their teacher has set for their classroom, they get a prize. Meckle said the plan is to award pizza and pop parties to the classrooms that attain their goals.

After the students completed their tests, they were treated to another sweet deal, gum, taffy and cookies.

Other activities Meckle and Center-Stanton Public School teachers have planned for elementary students to make "Reading is Sweet" special are the following:

Feb. 11-Bringing a stuffed animal to school

Feb. 13-Wearing red or pink and having Valentine’s Day parties

Feb. 17-Reading biographies

Feb. 18-Velveteen Rabbit Day

Feb. 19-Wearing a favorite NFL jersey

Feb. 23-Wearing black and white and reading newspapers

Feb. 24, 26-Having a winter camping adventure, reading by flashlight

Feb. 27-Wearing a hat in school

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