August 21, 2019

Recreation: A means of re-creating ourselves

By Daniel Arens
Sunlight rippling on the waves.
Laughter from the kids filtering on the breeze from the nearby playground.
Friends getting reacquainted, neighbors who are respectful, a staff that is near-at-hand and ready to help.
These are the things campers are looking for when they travel to their recreation destinations. And Lake Sakakawea State Park strives to bring these things together for their campers.
“We don’t want to measure our success by the number of people we bring, although we want lots of them to come,” Greg Corcoran, park manager, said. “We want our success to be based on the quality of their experience.”
Composed currently of 21 seasonal staff, although the numbers dwindle to three full-time staff members in the winter months, Lake Sakakawea State Park is one of the prime destinations for people looking to get away for an extended weekend, a half-month trip or an evening getaway at North Dakota’s largest body of water.


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