November 29, 2017

Responders meet with State Radio

By Annette Tait
Cost-effective alternatives for emergency dispatching and response services has been on the Oliver County commission agenda for the past two months. Commissioners heard information about technology needs, options, and costs for law enforcement in October, and an overview of North Dakota Department of Emergency Services State Radio Communications System dispatching services during its November meeting.
At one time, Oliver County emergency dispatching services were provided by State Radio. That ended when legislation limited the number of counties State Radio was allowed to serve, and led to Oliver County entering into a dispatching services contract with Mercer County.  The law has again changed, allowing State Radio to work with counties based on a maximum county population limit.
Costs are higher for dispatching through Mercer County; the question the county commission seeks to answer is which option will best serve county residents.
As part of its ongoing investigation, the commission invited emergency responders from the Sheriff’s Department, Oliver County Ambulance Association, and the Oliver County Fire Protection District to meet with NDDES representatives Mike Lynk and Bill Haas, who also presented during the November county commission meeting.


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