August 3, 2016

Sales tax good news for Center

By Annette Tait

The August city council meeting began on a positive note, with the treasurer’s report offering good news about tax revenue. To date, the city has received $72,570.93 in revenue from the new 2 percent sale tax initiated Jan. 1. The figure is in line with estimates of $65,000 to $70,000 annual tax income based on a 1.5 percent tax, and will assist the council in funding needed maintenance, repair, and infrastructure projects.
“It will take a while for payments to be predictable, as business owners get used to submitting the tax payments [to the state],” said City Auditor Terrie Nehring, sharing information she had received from the state.

Sheriff’s report
Sheriff Dave Hilliard provided a report on calls for service, and Deputy James Christoff presented a report on junk vehicles. In the past month, about a half dozen vehicle owners were served notices and three were given verbal direction. Of those service notices, about half moved their vehicles; all who received verbal direction complied. The owners of the remaining vehicles are still within the 10-day response period.


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