May 25, 2016

School board approves candidates for graduation

By Annette Tait
With graduation right around the proverbial corner, the Center-Stanton Public School District board officially approved the slate of candidates for graduation during its May meeting. The 2016 graduation ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 29, in the high school gymnasium.
There was a lengthy building, grounds, and transportation committee update, which included ADA accessible seats in the bleachers, a drainage issue near the kitchen, doors in the locker room/storage area, and work needed on bathroom partitions. Discussion on the accessible seating revolved around cost and regulatory changes should the district move forward with added seating. There is currently one accessible seat available; costs to add three double accessible seats – as required by law – would cost the district $7,370.
“Right now we’d be grandfathered if we didn’t do anything,” District Superintendent Curt Pierce explained to the board. “If we’re going to do them, we have to go to six to be in code.”
Adding the three pairs of seats – an accessible seat with an adjacent seat for an attendant – will only affect about 10 seats total. The board approved adding three double accessible seats.
Also discussed was the drainage issue near the kitchen, where water running off the roof drains between the coal shed and the furnace room. Installing underground pipe to drain the water to the far side of the shed will remove the danger of water seeping into the coal storage area. The board approved taking action, with the caveat the installation must support the weight of coal hauling and delivery trucks that maneuver over the area.
Discussion is continuing on doors for locker room storage. The district received a bid from C&H Glass to install doors to the coaches room, add a panic bar to the coaches’ office door, and replace the kitchen door. After discussion as to the rationale and location of doors in the coaches office, the board approved replacing the kitchen door, but tabled the coaches office door and panic bar pending further research, discussion, and input from the athletic director and coaching staff.
Pierce also reported that, after further investigation into the partitions in the women’s restrooms, it appears material can be added to improve the alignment. Settling has caused the partitions to not meet properly.

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