August 15, 2018

School board approves preliminary budget

By Jarann Johnson
Last week’s school board meeting was all about the numbers. Center-Stanton School board members listened intently while district’s preliminary budget was presented to the in the Center-Stanton library room.
Center-Stanton Business Manager Jacob Erhardt gave the basic information. Erhardt said Center-Stanton’s expected revenue is $3.68 million and the expenditures are $3.73 million, which leaves a deficit of $51, 384.
There is a fund called the miscellaneous fund, which was previously called the technology fund. Erhardt and Center-Stanton Superintendent Tracy Peterson are using that fund to help work on balancing the budget.
“We had projected $60,000 there to offset some of our deficit. Without this increase we were sitting at $170,000 some odd dollars,” Erhardt said.

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