November 22, 2016

School board designatesfirst of two make-up days

By Annette Tait
For large school districts, team travel to distant locations for tournaments and competitions is only a minor disruption to the school day. For a district the size of Center-Stanton, two teams traveling for back-to-back state events included about 20 percent of high school students and several teachers missing four days of instruction, as the majority of students were involved in both activities. To reduce disruption to learning, the district chose to close school for two of the four days affected.
Make-up days were discussed during the November board meeting, with Dec. 22 recommended as the first make-up day. The date was a logical choice, as there are already home sports events scheduled, including pep band. Other options include March 16, April 13, and April 17, which are already designated as storm days on the 2016-2017 calendar. The board approved Dec. 22 as the first of the two make-up days, with the second make-up day to be determined after greater input is received from teachers.


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