April 16, 2014

School board discusses land options

Wayne Windhorst appeared before the Center-Stanton Public School Board to initiate discussion about the land he inherited that borders the land that was bequeathed to the school district.
“The property line between the two is irregular, to say the least, and is fenced according to the lay of the land,” Windhorst told the school board.
This places some of Windhorst’s land within the fence-line of the school’s pasture land, and also makes other lands accessible only by crossing his property.
The board and Windhorst discussed fencing needs, current fence lines, and the potential need for a survey to determine actual property lines and acreages involved, along with the possibility of an exchange of acreage mutually agreed to by both parties.
“I think that’s something we can visit about,” Board Member Rick Schmidt said. “[The school board’s] roads and grounds committee will need to discuss it.”
Pierce also noted that Windhorst has a continuing rental contract for land that was bequeathed to the school district, and that the district’s agreement with its other land renter requires that any hunters outside of the renter’s immediate family must have written permission from both the renter and the school board.

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