March 14, 2018

School Board meets and makes hires

By Jarann Johnson
Center-Stanton School District met last week and made some hiring decisions. School Board members announced who the school hired for the principal jobs and some of the other staff positions. But before the meeting could get to that point the meeting started with a visit from the Community Club.
Dave Berger spoke on behalf of the Community Club at the meeting. Berger reminded the school board of the Community Club’s contributions to the school district for extra-curricular activities.
“The main reason I’m here is the Old Settlers again. We are going to be doing a RibFest over here Friday night over at the Civic Center parking lot on June 8. Right now we don’t have a plan but my son, Chad, who is an Athletic Director/Teacher at McVille/Dakota Prairie – him and his wife are going to run RibFest. He’s run two of them up in Williston,” Berger said.
Berger’s main point was to open up a line of communication with the school board about the event, which will be near their property. Berger said they want to respect the school so RibFest cooks will be told and advised to follow rules, which will be given to them Friday morning.
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