February 21, 2018

School board taking action

By Jarann Johnson
Near the end of the Center-Stanton School Board meeting last week there were two words that got the school board fired up. When the meeting came to Item E under New Business on the agenda Rick Schmidt let out his frustration.
Schmidt expressed frustration with open enrollment, specifically how the Washburn School District is taking students near Highway 22, Hensler Road and Stanton.
“Is there a way to make some notification to state legislators as far as how disappointed we are of this?” Schmidt said. “I’m going to be very honest, I’m getting a little bit ticked at Washburn right now about how far they are coming into our district to get our kids. It is getting to be a very big substantial number of kids they are coming to get. That is way in our district.”
Schmidt admitted he was frustrated but also said he wanted to do more than let off steam. Schmidt said he wanted to do something and made a motion.


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