November 6, 2018

School superintendent discusses school threat

By Jarann Johnson
Last week Center-Stanton staff faced something they never thought they would have to worry about – a bomb threat at the school. Center-Stanton handled the threat according to their safety plan and no one was injured.
Center-Stanton School District Superintendent Tracy Peterson said the threat was made in the morning.
“There was a phone call that was made to the elementary school at 9:24 a.m. that mentioned the bomb threat. The secretary down there, we had a sub-secretary in – she wrote down the information and told Mr. [Mark] Sondag, the elementary principle,” Peterson said.
“He was up in my office by 9:28 a.m.He brought it up afterward. At that time because of the wording of it – it didn’t say anything specific. It did mention a bomb threat, we contacted the Oliver County Sheriff’s Department and gave the wording to Sheriff [Dave] Hilliard.”

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