November 19, 2014

SIM truck provides realistic training experience

SIM truck provides realistic training experience
By Annette Tait

The ambulance is called to an accident scene where a car struck a pick-up truck that was turning off the highway. The fire department is already on scene, having just extricated the pick-up driver from his vehicle using the Jaws of Life. The pick-up driver was wearing his seatbelt, and the pick-up’s airbags deployed on impact.

Having been given that information and additional pertinent details, the Oliver County Ambulance Service crew begins its training scenario in the “ambulance” of the Simulation in Motion–North Dakota truck.
“I can’t breathe,” moans the state-of-the-art patient simulator, operated and voiced by a SIM-ND trainer in the adjacent control room.
The crew snaps into action, checking the mannequin’s ABCs – airway, breathing and circulation, taking vital signs and checking for life-threatening injuries.
“How’s the other driver?” asks the mannequin. “I never saw him coming.”
“Another ambulance crew is taking care of him,” he’s told, as one crew member administers oxygen and another locates a flail chest segment – ribs broken in multiple places so they no longer move with the rest of the rib cage. A third crew member pulls a bulky dressing from the cabinet to apply pressure, helping to stabilize the segment and prevent it from causing further injury.

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