January 8, 2009

Snow problems in city streets

With more than 30 inches of snowfall so far this winter, the Center City Council is wondering what to do with all that snow. At their monthly meeting Jan. 5, council members discussed the obstinate problem of snow removal.

Streets are becoming clogged because city workers are not able to push the snow to the curbs so some vehicle owners are parking farther out into the street.

Center resident Les Lennick said that she is having trouble backing out of her driveway due to vehicles in the street and the snow that the city workers push around them.

"If we back out and hit a vehicle, we pay for it," she said. "There’s barely one lane there. It’s a hazard. You can’t do snow removal when vehicles are out there."

The city has an ordinance that states a vehicle must be moved within 48 hours. City attorney John Mahoney said he would send a letter to the vehicle owner Lennick was referring to who parks vehicles across from her driveway.

This particular incidence is related to other areas of town where streets have so much snow workers can’t push it onto the curbs. Council member Dan Hagemeister also expressed his concern about the high banks obstructing intersections where accidents may occur.

"We’re creating blind corners," he said.

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