December 14, 2016

Snow removal concerns remain in wake of storm

By Annette Tait
With residents still digging out after winter’s dramatic arrival, snow is one everyone’s agenda. The Center City Council was no exception, discussing the aftermath of recent storms and concerns they observed themselves and have heard from others. One, in particular, stemmed from snow blown onto yards by city snow removal equipment.
“Residents need to know that there is an 8-10 foot boulevard law,” City Auditor Terrie Nehring said, noting there may not be any choice for city employees working after storms that leave heavy snowfall. “If the guys are moving snow, they can put it 8-10 feet into people’s yards on the boulevard.”
Council discussed the need to prioritize snow removal routes in such a way that high priorities, such as emergency routes, the ambulance, fire department, and school, are addressed first, followed by an orderly removal of snow in the rest of the city.
“I thought they did a phenomenal job with this storm,” Council Member J.D. Hanson said. “My only concern was the fire department. That, and the ambulance, needs to be where they start in the morning.”
Council also approved the city auditor to call in outside resources for snow removal at the civic center if necessary.

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