January 31, 2018

Students show off their Science Olympiad smarts

By Annette Tait
It’s often said that the best way to learn is to teach, and Center-Stanton High School students did just that last Thursday, holding a Science Olympiad for fourth through sixth graders.
“The robotics team had to do an outreach program as one of their requirements,” CSHS Science Teacher Brook Boeshans said. “Jodi [Hintz] and I have wanted to do an elementary Science Olympiad for years. I think it’s exciting for our older kids to teach a little, and to organize the event.”
The outreach program stretched farther than the usual ways, involving not just the elementary students who participated in and learned from the event, but also sophomore, junior, and senior helpers recruited from the physics, biology and advanced biology classes.
“Our goal is to do this elementary wide -- we hope to do one for the younger elementary students in the spring,” Boeshans said. “It gets them involved in the science things we do in high school. I just had a sophomore come up to me and say, ‘This is what we do in our science labs.’ And it is, just at a younger level.”
The high school students had fun working with the elementary schoolers, and were impressed at how quickly their younger counterparts caught on to the concepts in the various contests.


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