January 17, 2018

Support FFA students headed to DC

By Jarann Johnson
Three Center-Stanton students will be visiting the nation’s capitol this summer. Teanna Hintz, Shelby Meckle and Teegan Henke were selected for the FFA National Leadership Confernence.
FFA adviser Nikki Fideldy said the group of girls are strong leaders even though they don’t always fully  realize it.
“These three girls don’t give themselves enough credit either because they hear the word leader and think of their idols and mentors. They think they’ll never be these people but what they don’t realize is they already are. I think the best thing about these three is they know each others’ strengths.”
“Even planning this Donkey basketball event. They had to call some people on the phone and they know Teanna and Teegan don’t like to call people on the phone. So, behind my back they are already figuring out Shelby is going to do this, Teegan is gonna write the thank yous and Teanna is going to hang up posters. They are a well-oiled machine. I think those are qualities of leadership a lot of kids don’t have,” Fideldy said.  
Fideldy said what the students will be doing during their week at the national capitol.
“When they go there, they are working non-stop – eight hours a day. These kids are in leadership sessions, networking, doing activities, community service projects, they get to tour some of DC, they get to go to the capitol and meet their legislators and talk about career and technical education and FFA,” Fideldy said. “So, its not like a class where they can have some fun and get into a little bit of trouble. They expect the best of the best kids at this event.”

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