December 25, 2008

The Class of 2019 share ideas on Santa Claus

The Center-Stanton Class of 2019 – some of them are so shy it’s difficult to hear their tiny voices. They hesitate before answering and cover their eyes with their hands. They think so hard it’s as if they are trying to grasp the spelling of a tough word on a quiz.

Others saunter into the room in the Center-Stanton Elementary School, ready for a challenge. They answer the questions with thought in a confident voice.

No matter how they approach the questions, these 13 students in Judy Fryslie’s second grade class gave the best answers their sharp brains could formulate, and their answers are as good as anyone could come up with considering the questions were all about Santa Claus.

Their answers are not edited and each student answered the questions without the others listening.

What does Mrs. Santa pack in Santa’s lunch for this long trip Christmas Eve?

Cookies was a favorite answer:

Teegan Henke - peanut butter sandwiches

Luke Johnson - a lot of fat, candy canes cuz he’s all messy

Emily Gress - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, barbecue chips, root beer pop and chocolate chip cookies

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