January 11, 2017

The ‘Geographic Center of North America’is actually near Center

By Annette Tait
Move over, Rugby and Robinson -- it’s the City of Center’s turn in the spotlight. Ironically, the recent rivalry between the town of Rugby and Hanson’s Bar, Robinson, over being the geographic center of North America is what led to Center’s new claim to fame.
It started when State University of New York, Buffalo, Geography Professor Peter Rogerson read an article in the Wall Street Journal that told of how Rugby, with its stone obelisk, museum, and tourist merchandise, allowed the trademark to lapse on its claim as “The Geographic Center of North America,” and how a late-night conversation in Hanson’s Bar, Robinson, led to that establishment applying for and being granted the trademark.
“That got me to wondering what I thought the center [of North America] was, using some of the ideas that we’ve developed,” Rogerson said. “So that’s what really touched it off -- a combination of the previous work I’d done and the article talking about the Rugby/Robinson rivalry.”

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