June 4, 2014

There’s no place like the home place

By Annette Tait

Delmar Hagerott’s landscape has changed very little since he was born on his parents farm southeast of Center, the fourth of Fred and Laura (Schulz) Hagerott’s five children.
“Now I live on what was originally my grandfather’s place,” Hagerott said. “When my grandparents moved to Center, they wanted Dad to move over to their place -- they had the better house. I’ve been there ever since.”
Or almost ever since, he corrected himself. “I spent two years in the Army, from ‘53-‘55, I was over in Okinawa for a year or a little better,” he said.
Most of his service was just after the Korean War.
“I was going to school down in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, not too far from Washington, D.C., when they stopped fighting that,” Hagerott said. “I came back home after that.”
Growing up on the home place, Hagerott did what most children his age did – he helped out on the farm. His parents kept their farm when they moved onto the grandparents’ place in 1939, so there was always plenty of work to do, feeding cattle and helping with other chores.
“In the summer time, I used to help weed in the garden and that kind of stuff when I was younger,” Hagerott said. “Then when I got older, I was out in the field.”
He attended a country school, which was about a mile east of the home place.

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