November 1, 2017

Two nationally registered EMTs recognized for 20 years’ service

By Annette Tait
Twenty years of dropping everything the instant the pager tones sound. Twenty years of not starting anything that can’t be left right where it’s at for three or four hours at a time, or being woken from a sound sleep needing to be at their best in less time than it takes most people to brew their morning coffee. Twenty years of spending “free time” updating or refreshing skills at workshops, conferences, and other training to qualify for biannual recertification. Twenty years of missing family events, or worse – abruptly having to leave them.
Mickie McNulty-Eide and Laurie Thompson would do it all again in a heartbeat.
“The people who come up and give you a hug,” McNulty-Eide said.
“The cards you get,” Thompson added.
“The support we get from this community, the support for our fundraisers,” McNulty-Eide continued.
Thompson and McNulty-Eide were recently recognized by the National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians for a major milestone -- 20 years of being nationally registered EMTs. In a profession with a high rate of burnout, their accomplishment as volunteers is even more impressive.
As the two spoke about their experiences in emergency medicine, Thompson and McNulty-Eide naturally completed each other’s thoughts and sentences like the true friends and partners they are. Just as in the back of the ambulance, their direction was clear, organized, and in tandem. Not surprising, after working together for more than 20 years as Oliver County Ambulance Association volunteers.


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