November 8, 2016

Veterans Day gift a labor of love

By Annette Tait
There’s nothing quite like a quilt to provide a feeling of warmth and a sense of contentment. Quilts, like the fabric they’re made from, are woven from many threads—along with the cotton are threads of tradition, threads of patterns old and new, and threads of the love and care that went into making them.
Center United Methodist Church quilters Sue Mettler and Janet Fagerland will share some of that love this Veterans Day with residents of the Dakota Veterans Home in Lisbon. The gift was a natural choice for both women and their quilting mission.
“It’s in our families, and our friends,” said Mettler, as she and Fagerland were both inspired by the veterans in their families and others they know.
Both Mettler’s and Fagerland’s husbands served in Vietnam, and Mettler’s sons served in Iraq and Kosovo. Mettler’s father-in-law is also a veteran. The idea to bring quilts to the Veterans Home came last spring, and the two have been working on the mostly red, white, and blue-themed quilts for their project since then.
“It’s just a little bit we can give back to them,” Mettler said.
The quilting group officially started nine years ago, primarily with Mettler and Fagerland.
“Janet’s been quilting forever,” quipped Mettler.


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