March 5, 2009

What's hot at Center-Stanton High School

Walk into the Center-Stanton High School Vocational Ag shop around 11:15 in the morning and you’ll see that it’s glowing so hot you can’t even look at it. That’s when Duane Schmidt’s advanced Ag welding class is heating it up, metal, that is.

Schmidt’s 14 juniors and seniors are working their way through 32 required welding and cutting procedures using high-tech equipment.

Missouri River Educational Cooperative, one of eight regional education centers in North Dakota, provided the department with two Lincoln Power Metal Inert Gas No. 350 welders last fall at no cost to the school.

The price tag for each machine if purchased by the school, according to Schmidt, would be approximately $3,500.

"Our (MREC region) is the largest with 42 other schools in the region," Center-Stanton Public School superintendent Royal Lyson said.

He added that Center-Stanton, Hazen and Beulah make up a hub within the region.

"This way we can offer services equal to large schools districts."

MREC is funded by the state and individual schools. Nathan Henke is the local representative on the governing board.

Lyson said that the schools in MREC mutually support one another in several areas including school improvement, mock elections, smart and active board training, English language learner professional development, electronics online, instrument technology, medical-related fields, building technology and welding labs.

The new welders at Center-Stanton were provided by a grant through MREC, according to Lyson.

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