December 11, 2013

Who are the farmers?

By April Baumgarten

Oliver County officials want to make sure residents understand the meaning of agriculture for tax season.
Tax Director Teri Schulte showed commissioners a letter she intended to send out to rural residents explaining who is eligible for the farm residence property tax exempt status.
“It’s a really good thing for the people that need it,” she said. “What it is doing is turning it around and handing the farmers the responsibility for being tax exempt.”
Property owners must submit an annual application for the tax exemption or the residence will be considered taxable by Oliver County. The decision comes after months of discussion by the county commissioners, who want to keep accurate records for assessments.
The letter will be sent out with tax statements, and annual reminders will also be sent each year.
“It would be nice to get this all sorted away and that is the attempt, to get people on it that are qualified for it,” she said.


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