April 18, 2018

Wildcats compete at state acalympics

By Jarann Johnson

Center-Stanton competed in their third consecutive state acalympic competition Monday night at BSC. Their goal was to advance out of the lightening rounds to the state finals, which is a level they haven’t achieved.
Center-Stanton needed to make up ground after the first three lightning rounds. Lightning rounds are trivia rounds where every team answers but is only given 30 seconds to provide the answer. There are six rounds of lightning with the top three teams advance to the state finals.
Center-Stanton scored three points during the first three rounds of lightning. They were close to securing four points but their challenge was denied.
Center-Stanton asked for a review on one question. Team advisor Chris Carpenter felt like his Center-Stanton team answered one question correctly. Center-Stanton replied “Chairman Mao” to the question “Who was China’s first leader under the communist form of government?”

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