August 10, 2016

Wildcats experience Washington, D.C.

By Annette Tait

It started as a chance conversation between Center-Stanton High School Teacher Donna Davidson and a student, and evolved into an up-close-and-personal experience with history and government in the nation’s capitol.
“She was talking about how much she wanted to go to D.C. and see it all, and how interesting she found it, and it kind of spurred an idea in my head,” said Davidson, who had visited Washington, D.C., when she was in high school. “It made all the news seem a lot more real. It made everything seem a lot more close and more easily related to, because I’d been there.”
Hoping to give CSHS students a similar opportunity, Davidson contacted a group that specializes in student tours. The trip was offered to all students entering grades 10 through 12.
“We weren’t sure how much interest there would be or if anyone would want to go, but we gave everyone the option,” Davidson said.
Three students committed to the trip: Alyssa Albers, Abby Hintz, and Elise Reed, who shared an interest in learning more about the history, government, and the nation’s capitol.


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