August 28, 2019

Wildcats win big on road

By Jarann Johnson
Center-Stanton fans wondered what they were going to see when their team took the field for the first time of the 2019 season. Center-Stanton relied on their run-heavy offense for a 72-19 opening week road win over Midway-Minto.
Cale Ferderer, Center-Stanton head coach, collected a big win in his team’s debut. Even though Center-Stanton was dominant in the win Ferderer doesn’t want to get too excited about the result.
“It’s hard to know for sure where we stand with the one game. Yes, it’s a big victory of course. At the same time, we can’t get too high on the victory and we can’t get too low if we lose. That’s something I’ve preached the whole time I’ve coached throughout

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