December 7, 2016

Winter storm blankets county, more on the way

By Annette Tait
If snowfall totals were linked to achievement, Oliver County would be first in its class: Hannover topped the National Weather Service Bismarck’s reports with 26 inches. Center wasn’t too far behind with an even 20 inches.
 After last week’s storm literally blew through the area with sustained high winds, reports around the region included houses with one side encased in a wall of snow; drifts up to 8 feet tall; and a drift that ran from the first grade classroom north, blocking the east door of Center-Stanton Elementary School.
“The highest storm amount we had reported was 26”, reported by Erin Huntimer, Hannover,” NWS Bismarck Warning Coordination Meteorologist J.P. Martin said. complimenting the cooperative weather observer. “Erin’s information is highly valued and respected by the National Weather Service -- she’s had many years of training and has been to many severe weather training sessions we’ve held. When she calls in to report, we’re very confident in her information.”
Martin said Oliver County was the hardest hit during the storm, with New Town not far behind.
He was also quick to add that, despite balmy November temperatures, the cold weather is by no means over.

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