December 4, 2013

Winter storm hits area

By April Baumgarten

The first major storm of the season continues to play out across the state, and officials are reminding residents to “think things out” before they head out.
“The important thing – I think the Highway Patrol has said this a number of times – is slow down,” Oliver County emergency manager Sandy Olin said. “I think we kind of forget what happened the year before by the time this comes up again. We forget to have adequate distance to brake and all those good things that are required normally.”
Residents faced a three-day barrage of snow beginning Monday. The storm was expected to drop up to eight inches by Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service in Bismarck. The storm put most of the state in a winter storm warning through Wednesday. That included Mercer, McLean and Oliver counties.
“Of course, everyone should use their own judgment on whether or not they should be out there, but there is definitely going to be dangerous traveling conditions out there now through the weekend,” meteorologist Michael Matthews said.


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