November 6, 2013

1st day of the District 10 Tournament action begins

By Adam Thomas
BHG News Service

With the dawning of the new week, the District 10 Tournament began its three-day run at the Underwood High School gym.
The top two seeds -- Underwood and Wilton-Wing – both watched the first round from the bleachers with byes for the first day while the other four teams kicked off the action on Monday night.
The opening match of the tournament was between the fifth seeded Washburn Cardinals and the fourth seeded Center-Stanton Wildcats.
From the start it was apparent that the Wildcats came ready to put their best foot forward in the post-season. While the Cardinals also started off with some drive, it had completely evaporated by the end of the match after the team had trouble settling into a rhythm.
Both teams started off with some high intensity play, which kept the scores even until late in the first set when the Wildcats stepped up their game to pull ahead 25-20. After breaking that barrier, Center-Stanton was in complete control of the tempo for the remainder of the match.
Aces by Siam Simpenderfer rocketed the Wildcats to a quick 8-1 lead in the second and it was easy sailing from there to 25-15.
Kills added up in bunches from Center-Stanton’s Tristen Henke and Carly Benjamin as the match moved into the third set. Washburn’s Kenady Hansen led the team with five kills, but even her ability to block upfront didn’t do much to stop the march of the Wildcats.
Winning the third set easily, 25-13, Center-Stanton took the first round win.
The other match that took place on Monday pitted the third seed Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky Trojans against the sixth seeded Garrison-Max Troopers.
Anyone who was being honest didn’t expect much from this game, but the Troopers surprised people with some gutsy play and made the Trojans work a lot harder than they most likely expected, to come out of the tournament opener with a win.


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