July 23, 2014

Babe Ruth I-94 Tourney completed

By Jarann Johnson

The Beulah Twisters entered the tournament as the No.1 seed and favorite to win it, and could have even been called “Big Bad Blue” because they were undefeated against I-94 teams during the regular season. But that didn’t stop the I-94 tournament teams from trying to defeat Big Bad Blue at the most important time.  
Opening Day
Beulah Battle
Big Bad Blue opened the tournament with a game against their hometown rivals, the Beulah Tornadoes. The Tornadoes entered as a young team with mostly 13-year-olds and hoped for an upset.
After one complete, their upset hopes were still alive with a scoreless game.
But in the bottom of the second, the Tornadoes’ upset hopes took a thunderous punch. The Tornadoes gave up six runs and allowed three batters to bat twice in the inning.
Chase Remboldt never recovered after walking Braydon Nelson, the leadoff batter. Matt Schnabel followed by hitting a one-run double breaking the tie, and reached home plate on a passed ball, making the score 2-0.
The runs kept coming for the Tornadoes. Aaron Vallejo batted in two runs with a hard grounder to second, Brandon Elton followed with a sac fly making the score 5-0, then Nelson added the final run with a single to left, making the score 6-0.

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