January 13, 2016

Backer and Wildcats turn corner

By Jarann Johnson
Last week the the Center-Stanton boys basketball team finally ran into some good luck. The boys saw Karson Backer emerge as a scoring threat and picked up a win at the McLean County Shootout.
The biggest highlight of last week was Karson Backer’s play. Backer, a junior guard, scored 24 points and 31 points on consecutive nights.
Backer’s previous high was around the mid 20s in a middle school game. Backer credited his impressive offensive output to his teammates and coach.
“Coach helped me out with my shot, so I changed my shot – I got better rotation on the ball. I got good passes from teammates and good looks,” Backer said.
Backer said Head Coach Jacob Erhardt helped him recognize two technical aspects harming his jump shot. Erhardt focused on the spin of the ball and leaning during the shot.
Coach Erhardt explained how he helped Backer improve his shot.
“I guess the main thing was just getting him to go straight up. He tends to, at times, veer to one side or the other. Another thing is he doesn’t always use his full height and size to his benefit. Sometimes he would jump in the air and almost crouch down so the shot would be really flat – so we worked with that,” Erhardt said.
“The main thing is just confidence. If you get kids to start believing in the things, it becomes much easier. Then they see results and things can turn around pretty quick. So far with it’s been working with Karson, so hopefully it carries over and he can have a good rest of the year.”
Even Though Backer has found his shooting stroke he knows the ultimate goal is to help his team record wins in district play. Backer talked about what the team needs to accomplish to win district games.
“We just want to get our offense going, get the plays down that we have been running and move the ball around until we have a good look,” Backer said.

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